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As cybercrime evolves, so must the tools and techniques you use to secure your organisation.

Modern Cyber Threat

Modern Cyber Threat

The ongoing digitalization of the business world is putting companies at risk of cyber attacks more than ever before. The modern cyber threat landscape is extremely complex and attacks come in from multiple channels and vectors.

Multiple Detection

Multiple Detection

Cyber security requires multiple detection and prevention capabilities to manage risk and mitigate attacks. Organizations will require a single vendor, hybrid cyber security solution that protects from a wide range of attacks and for combating today cyber threats.

Unify Cyberdefence Products

Unify Cyber Defence Products

Using individual products from different cybersecurity vendors to solve individual problems isn’t the answer. Consolidate your cybersecurity in a single platform. You`ll get the level of protection, delivered the way you want it.

Consolidate your cyber security in a single platform.

Designed from the ground our Platform elegantly combines everything you need for cybersecurity management into a single platform and dashboard.

Rules, alert management, reporting and analysis are all integrated and available through an interactive web-based portal, the Zero Element Control Center.


Our apps core is automation.

Zero Element Cloud Platform simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple security solutions, while at the same time increasing the automation, effectiveness and proactive nature of security. Integrating automation provides significantly stronger security and has the added benefit of using your manpower more effectively.

A next-generation security platform automatically and rapidly analyzes data and turns unknown threats into known threats, creates an attack DNA, and automatically creates and enforces a full set of protections throughout the organization to stop an attack from successfully progressing through its lifecycle.


Our platform identifies threats and unexpected changes in your network before they turn into breaches.

Immediate Insight

Visual dashboard shows you the status of your monitored assets at a glance where you can immediately see the big picture

Get notifications

Get alerted when new active threats surface in your environment, and when your user-defined thresholds are met.

Prevent Breaches

Mitigate vulnerabilities before hackers break in. Immediate deployment — no hardware to set up, always up-to-date.

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Unified Cybersecurity
Management Dashboard

Zero Element Control Center is an intuitive, web-based dashboard designed to give platform users the power to configure, view, report on and analyze their cybersecurity postures for Zero Element Applications.

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Main Dashboard

Zero Element Cloud Platform in Numbers


Number of Servers Running Globaly

Total Malicious Attacks Prevented

Records of Compromised Data

Our Globally Distributed Cloud Infrastructure


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